Serendipity Bus

Serendipity is the ability to discover unintended things, events that apparently have not a cause-effect relationship. It´s also called coincidence, synchronicity, chance...

Great advances of mankind were born following a serendipity, like the famous moment when the apple fell on Newton´s head, giving the rise to the gravity´s law. Too often the anxiety to get a result makes us to abstract the process, the goal makes us miss the scenery and speed prevents us from enjoying the flavour of the moment.

Serendipity Bus wants to represent this philosopy applied to travel. Observation, perception, convert each shift on a great journey, each passenger on a story by revealing, each way on a new discovery. A bus trip can become an adventure simply changing the way you look, parking the routine and trasform this old way in a new experience beyond any expectation. Head out to the bus window and see with new eyes what happens out there defines the intense experience that Julian de Castro was called Serendipity Bus. Change your way of looking al things!.