Security policy

In Autocares Julian de Castro we are committed to a safe and healthy environment. We have integrated a safe system of work to OHSAS 18001, audited and verified by AENOR. Our results therefore guarantee the reductions of the works accidents, with 97% (reductions in sick days) in 2012, in 2013 a 19%, and 70% in 2014. This commitment we have acquired with our employees but also with all customers and users.

So we´ve certified our management system through the Security Certification Companies coach and buses (CSEAA) by the Institute for Automotive Research at the Plytechnic University of Madrid. Our road safety system is certified by the UNE-ISO 39001 standar by AENOR, with the aim of achieving "0" road accidents. We investigated continuously in new security mechanisms for our travelers. Among the iniciatives we have under taken include the Road Safety Plan, a training plan for road safety plan awareness protocols safe perfomance, evaluation of psychosocial risks (stress, personal conflicts, balance...) the inclusion os fatigue or distraction detector ("Magic Eyed") on our buses, and we have also moved to the screens of bus information safe conduct guidelines for our travelers.