Here are the rates of urban and intercity buses in force from September 1, 2012. These rates are regulated by the Regional Transport Consorctium the Madrid´s Community (CRTM).

Ticket classes

Single Ticket intercity:
Single tickets are valid intercity bus for a trip in the corresponding company and in the area of validity. Are purchased on board the bus.

The 10 trips tickets are valid for travel indicated in any urban and interurban company providing the service. These tickets aren´t valid on EMT Madrid´s services or the Prisei´s company. They can be purchased al tobacconists of the corresponding areas, transport exchangers (Avenida de América, Moncloa, Plaza de Castilla, Plaza Elíptica and Príncipe Pío) and selected newspapers kiosks.

The specific transport area to wich belongs each bus stop indicated in the canopy or pole from the same area.

City and Intercity bus passes:
There are different types of bus passes classified by zones (A, B1, B2, B3, C1, B1-B2, B2-B3, B3-C1, C1-C2, E1, E2) that allow travel throughout the Madrid´s Community. The relationship of passes available is as follows:

* Regular travel pass.

* Large families travel pass (general category).

* Large families travel pass (special category).

* Travel pass persons with disabilities over 65 years.

* Large families travel pass general category + persons with disabilities.

* Large families travel pass special category + persons with disabilities.

There is also a tourist ticket zone A and T.


Zona Sencillo 10 viajes
A 01,50€ -
A-B1 02,00€ 12,20€
A-B2 02,60€ 16,10€
A-B3 03,60€ 23,00€
A-C1 04,20€ 29,70€
A-C2 05,10€ 37,40€
B1 01,30€ 08,50€
B1-B2 02,00€ 12,20€
B1-B3 02,60€ 16,10€
B1-C1 03,60€ 23,00€
B1-C2 04,20€ 29,70€
B2 01,30€ 08,50€
B2-B3 02,00€ 12,20€
B2-C1 02,60€ 16,10€
B2-C2 03,60€ 23,00€
B3 01,30€ 08,50€
B3-C1 02,00€ 12,20€
B3-C2 02,60€ 16,10€
C1 01,30€ 08,50€
C1-C2 02,00€ 12,20€
C2 01,30€ 08,50€

Fore more information see Consorcio de Transportes de Madrid