Within our Quality Policy and in order to consolidate in actions and indicators previous commitments, we have implemented a Quality Plan, establishing the following objectives:

► Reduction in number of breakdowns and accidents / incidents fleet.

► Creating Control Center (24/365/7) and implementation of all the onboard technology Modernization Plan (contactless technology).

► Fleet renewal to 100% accesible and according to regulations Euro V, VI and exceptional measures (hybrid, electric, GCN and GLN...) and reducing the average age of the fleet (less than five years).

► Reduce diesel consumption and be a friendly company environment.

► Decrease the reclamations´s number over the previous year.

► That "Autocares Julian de Castro, S.A." it´s perceived as a quality company leader in the sector, measured as Service Quality Index (ICS).

As evidence of compliance with those objectives and our commintment to custumers and user, annually we make pblic our findings, fully audited by third objective factors unrelated to our business enterprises.