100 year ago, in 1913, our grandfather Marcos de Castro began moving travelers on a horse-drawn carriage from Galapagar town to Torrelodones station´s. It was 1924 when he acquired the first bus, a Latil 14 seats. This would be the germ of what today represents the family company Autocares Julián de Castro, S.A..

In the 50s, our parents Conchita and Julian de Castro Sanz, they took over the company and established the philosophy that every traveler is a friend. Those were different times, but nevertheless, the family´s third generation continue with this desire to produce the closeness and the welfare of our passengers.


Coming the 90 years and they expanded the service to the discretionary transport, one of our greatest achievements. So we have seen fulfilled our intense vocation to approach every day to your destination. Thus, working tirelessly, we meet 100 years. We are aware that we have a long way to go, but al long as you choose to travel with us feel that our future is limitless.

Autocares Julián de Castro
A century getting close to your destination